15 grand, 15 friggin grand, that's how much money I was sitting on with 5 minutes to go in that fuckin Texans Dolphins game last night,

Will Fuller is my captain and as the pass from DeShaun Watson glides through the air, I am already wondering what I'm gonna do with my winnings,

That's when Will Fuller's ACL did what the FBI & IRS did to me 10 years ago,

FUCKED ME, I slowly trickled further down the list and managed to walk away with $100, 

Don't get me wrong I love $100 as much as the next guy, but after sitting on 15 grand with 5 minutes on the clock in what looked like a throwaway game, well, I wanted to light that C-Note on  fuckin fire.

After my signature temper tantrum and cursing God for everything from Will Fuller's trainer to the death  of my dog, I realized that winning and losing is only one small piece of this puzzle, albeit a big fucking piece but a piece nonetheless,

It's about passion,

As a writer I have always been honest with you, from the heights of my fortune filled days to the poor shitty waiter and teacher days, all filled with sex, drugs, and comic books,

After my dog passed I fell into and am still fighting my way out of depression, and right at the time football season begins and I develop this obsession with fantasy football,

I think of the players as Football Trading Cards and study the winning lineups in order to chase the patterns and team configurations,

Every week I play $100 worth of lineups and every week I win $100 back, but now the last two weeks I'm sitting in first place in a field of sometimes 10,000 to 100,000 separate players,

The rush is exciting, the idea of winning invigorating, but again there's an ulterior motive,

Now that my dog is gone and I have quit teaching to write full time and chase new fortunes, I feel I am cured of my long of cannabis and I'm looking for a new adventure, something that will not only be fun, but inspiring to you and everyone else that reads these awesome comics and art books,

I want to become a professional athlete in my 40s, more specifically bowling, and I want to use my winnings at fantasy football to finance the journey,

That's why I am grown man screaming at a TV in tea bar on a Thurs, because my passion feeds my anger, and my passion is what will make me rich or poor but never in  between, and it's that passion that I bring to the table as a writer because that's what you deserve when you purchase my product, to know that every dollar you spend on me is being reinvested in extreme measures because the only adventures worth reading about are the ones that end with a victory or a heart attack.

Until that day I forever remain your servant, of course now I have to go make some more lineups, because you must always get back in the game,

Happy Friday from Faro's Lounge, here's Wonder Woman & Deadpool :)


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