Happy Monday my friends, and fuck fantasy football, however God bless fishing,

It was a glorious weekend with the Boys, after a Friday at the Hard Rock to watch Guns N Roses do a 3 1/2 hour set, we caught every damn thing under the Sun out on the ocean on Saturday, I'm talking groupers, rainbow runners, yellowtails, triggers and kobias -- my fuckin freezer is filled till the next Super Bowl,

Which brings us to Sunday, the end of the glorious weekend and beginning of my misery.

No matter who I pick, with the cards all laid out on the table, every god-damn fuckin player I pick always manages to end the game before the rest of the team...............injuries, injuries fuck ankles,

Why can't it be like Madden with the injuries feature off (oops, guess I let that slip)

Anyway, while I wallow in my middle class existence, check out the latest updates from my man Thiago out of Brazil,

He just delivered the finished colors to me, and I'll have those up tomorrow once I recover from the fishing weekend,

I'm really going all in on the evil Snow White commissions, so I hope you dig them, because we are doing one every month till that movie is either shelved or goes down as the next Flash,

I'm planning a Venomized Snow White next month, and I believe a SITH SNOW WHITE Vs AHSOKA Sweaty Naked Lightsaber Duel after that,

Always listening to interesting concoctions from you fellow sick bastards.

Till then, enjoy, and Happy viewing my friends, 




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