Happy Saturday you lazy sleeping in mother fuckers,

I am feeling good for a man who just jerked off into a fleece blanket while thinking of his ex-wife eating his ass while his mother in law makes me matzoh ball soup,

Then I realized I must be smoking some crazy shit this weekend,

But hey, great inspiration comes from wild thinking, and my disgusting dream was interrupted by a text from the Master Jose Varese, who just sent over this little tidbit of love to update me on the Faro's Lounge American Safari Series Cover, 

Connecticut Edition, College Sweetheart Conquest Story, and of course, all of our art and humor to make you laugh and tug, or tug while you laugh, whatever your perverted preference,

If you into some cool ass Star Wars shirts and other assorted kinks, I have reopened the FARRELL APPAREL section of the Lounge, and I'll be adding and taking away from it all the time depending on tastes, flavors and other assorted goings on,


The more shirts and tanks we sell, the more girls I will find to put them on and take them off for your viewing entertainment, and mine, I hope, I guess it depends on the girl, 

So enjoy the cover update, Gwen Stacy & Mary Jane Watson having the Ultimate Peter Parker Pillow Fight, of course the uncensored version is on the campaign page

Enjoy, post, share, swear, pledge, obsess, and repeat,




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