Happy Friday my friends, and let's have some fun at a celebrity bitches expense,

The Hurricane Hilaria Laptop Sticker is finished, and each purchase of $25 and up receives one as a bonus gift for your continued Kickstarter generosity, with any extras available for a $5 add on to your current packages,

The perfect sticker to piss off that overprivileged prick at the coffee shop,


Now let's give you something to attract as opposed to piss off,

I was playing around with some old specs from Master Varese and just had to put this baby together for the new laptop I just bought,

Apparently opening 150 windows a day for fantasy lineups and keeping them open during games and youtube will burn out your battery within a year,

I guess laptops are the new car leases,

Anyway, I made this lovely piece for my personal laptop, then got a little crazy on the cannabis and ordered a shitload to put in my store,

5 X 3 and ready to attract every poser and pirate that walks by your work station,

From the cute barista who just loves Baby Yoda, to the annoying geek douche who wants to tell you The Mandalorian is overrated and you so have to watch Dune,


This sticker is AVAILABLE NOW in the Faro's Lounge Store, the shipment will be arriving next week so I'll be sending them out then, 


Enjoy your weekend and we thank you again for reading this fuckin blog :)



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