Happy Tuesday all, and while the market may tank, you will notice my Draftkings and Cannabis stocks went up,

That's right Mad Money Kramer, I FUCKED HIM,

So we got a couple of sign ups for the Stash app and I have printed out the Diana & Reed posters,

For those still interested in becoming stock gurus on their smart phones like me, here is the link, we both get $20 towards our stocks and you get a signed and numbered Reed & Diana poster,


Now on to new business,

Up top you see SITH SUPERGIRL, the latest in the line of blank cover watercolor painted commissions from my man Emil in Manila, who is also running double duty doing the pages on PIXI RUNNER, 

He has all the art stacked up and wrapped up as the world starts getting back to something normal, not that normal was ever interesting but from a shipping perspective, that makes me happier than a man with pot brownie overload stepping in a fresh pile of bulldog puppy poop,  Ahh Life

So down below you have the first sketches for Faro's American Safari IOWA Edition, featuring Miss Susan Storm getting VENOMIZED in both the Classic Black and our very special edition Faro's Lounge Baby Blue Symbiote,

Hell we may even add Carnage and Green Lantern Versions, I'll see how much caffeine I can pump into Varese's IV,

For those of you who missed out, you ain't getting the Utah discount on this one, this baby was way too hot last month,

So if you missed out on Iowa, just add $25 to your current pledge for either the Black or Blue Sue, or $40 if you want both,

I should have the Utah Cover 2 Colors Finished by tmw, Until then, Stay cool True Believers,




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