Ok troops, the Zeldara V packages are almost finished shipping, as the last group are sitting on what used to be my kitchen table waiting for the frustrated postal workers to arrive,

The Louisiana Books and Posters have arrived, and I'll meeting up with Master Varese next week to sign the Motor City Comic Cons before all those babies start to ship,

As for Pixi Runner 4 -- Just waiting for the finish on the Four Horsemen Variant Cover -- the comic book is all finished!!!

I just turned 45 this June 3rd, and I celebrated by taking a nice roadie through the old USA, where I hung out with an old college roomie and sat behind the dugout of the Pirates Vs D-Backs game, where I won a couple of C-Notes on the literal last play of the game with a good old fashioned Walk Off HR!

When I got home from my birthday road trip -- I enjoyed my birthday tradition -- A Fudgie the Whale Ice Cream Cake and a long sweaty steamy session with a Tall Blonde Porn Star from a Foreign Country with Tits the Size of a Jose Varese Cover Sketch,

And I got my wish,

Check out the German Porn Star Sensation BLONDIE BOMBSHELL when you get a chance, after all, your generosity is what sent her to my place, and nothing better then thrusting along a 6-foot tall tattooed German She-Wolf while you pop a Venomized Blue Chew and stare at the art on your wall and think,


As always, with one Kickstarter over, another one begins, so it's time to kickoff the next round of inflation free inflatables, as we introduce a new artist into the Faro's Lounge Universe -- Mr JAKE T -- with his piece for us, the star of the end of DR STRANGE & THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS---MISS CLEA---as she will be our latest entry into the SLAVE LEIA STEEL BIKINI TRIBUTE SERIES

And to up the ante -- I've decided to make these posters HOLO-CHROME!

And the mainstream cover for this new American Safari KANSAS will feature a DC-OZ Crossover -- featuring DOROTHY QUINN--SCARECROW--PLATINUM GIRL--COWARDLY LION-O

Happy Shopping,




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