Schoolgirl Gwen -- Principle Octavious -- Slave Leia Psylocke -- Faro Friday

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Schoolgirl Gwen -- Principle Octavious -- Slave Leia Psylocke -- Faro Friday

The Connecticut Books have been ordered from the printer, I shall have them in the next two weeks and they shall be yours within the week after that,

Happy Friday Freaks & Fuckers, Preseason Football is in the air, and I have a condo on the beach to buy, so let's show off some art and sell some shit to you and yours that achieved a payday today,

Up above we have my lady Betsey Braddock, who is getting Psy-Blade Chic as she pays yet another agonizingly awesome tribute to the Slave Leia Steel Bikini,

Down below we have Miss Gwen Stacy as a naughty ESU Schoolgirl, all hot and bothered as she has to spend another Sinister bout of Detention with the awfully awful Principle Otto Octavious,

I was so inspired by all the request for Gwen Stacy that I even started my own blank for further Gwen Stacy Commissions, I'll show off the blank once I have it finished, just need to give it that sick cool mashup Spider-Bat-Nightwing-Night-Gwen polish,

Until we meet again friends and fans, enjoy the art and pledge for the new ZELDARA,



Gwen Stacy as a Naughty Schoolgirl

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