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Greetings my friends, I am writing this lovely letter after an agonizing weekend stacking and packing your lovely Arkansas and New Jersey Sketchbooks,I went with different formats for the interiors of these books, so I would love your feedback on them once they have arrived in your mailboxes,I am so unbelievably impressed with the FREDDY Cover, and I used the interiors to put together a rehash of the Faro Villians storyline, so again take a peak inside once your eyes have finished fantasizing about your ultimate Daphne & Velma Threeway,Personally I am more the Cavewoman type,Until your mail arrives, enjoy...

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Happy almost holidays my friends, the Bills are kicking ass for now, and I just ordered the NEW YORK SKETCHBOOKS -- so those little babies shall be in your hands in time for Christmas Cocoa and excruciating X-Mas TV Holiday Specials,Til then, enjoy these latest entries into the Battle of the Redheads, featuring TEELA VS POISON IVY and MISS MARTIAN VS BLACK WIDOW,Enjoy the double feature -- two more tomorrow,New Kickstarter right here, 1 back away from the big 100,https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hooligansco/faros-american-safari-arkansas-editionCheers, FK

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Happy Saturday to those who are still shaking off the week of woes and hoes, I hope, if you are, then you're learning what all that hard work is for, titties and humor,So we have here, another addition to the Topless Chopper Series, in keeping with the Birds of Prey Tradition we have a new villainous theme Black Mask, and the riders this time will be Poison Ivy and Batgirl,I'll be on Twitch roasting some Star Wars Comics tonight, give me a listen should you become restless after your weekend plans implode, until then check out the newest Faro Kickstarter,https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hooligansco/faros-lounge-sketchbook-gwen-and-mary-jane-esu-pajama-partyCheers,...

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As always, I give you further proof that the universe gifts and grifts those who choose to serve it straight rocker style,If you read last night's blog you will know I was in a shitty way, my main team is on vacation, and I had the kind of blues that hookers and cannabis didn't seem to be curing.I know I have to push the Kickstarter for FARO SUMMER 1867 back a month, and that drove me nuts because I want to make sure that whatever I have planned as a back up for the April campaign better be fuckin good, And...

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What a weekend of shit -- I saw Superg----grrr uh Captain Marvel and woke up early on a Sun to go to a beach clean up only to see no one but myself show up to watch my current dream girl run around the sand in a bikini,And so me being the only one there you'd think I'd be the hero, nope just another Knight trapped in a bad Jorah Mormont Zone with my lovely Khalessi,Fuck my life,With nothing but frustration, fear and the unholy list of annoying older cougars on my LG rolodex who want me to come over...

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