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Happy Sunday my friends, I ain't gonna waste any time because I'm about to order a stack of sushi and start working on some new bits, because this mother fucker just ordered a 3D Printed Batman & Superman Suit,If you enjoyed my Grumpy Superman Video, lets just say the purchase of a new bulldog puppy has lead to some comedic inspirations,Of course here is the link if you need a laugh, so up above you see a brand new gorgeous commission from my man Emil, who is anxiously fighting with DHL to get my art package on the next plane...

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Happy Late Night Faro Friday into Saturday Update,Been working on some new Hoodies, let me know what you think of the Pink Rabbit Special, each one comes with a poster or sketchbook of your choice, just ordered one for myself and I look forward to showing pics of all the lounge ladies I plan to get to toss the hoodies on and take pics for my and your entertainment and consumption, As soon as they arrive from the fuckin printer of course,And speaking of printers, check out the latest 11 x 17 Poster from the master of the Superhero Strip...

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It's Saturday and I'm surrounded by updates, a relief over days when I have nothing but so much useless filler you may as well sign me up for a Democratic Debate or a Brian Michael Bendis comic book marathon,Get it, because I hate fuckin Brian Michael Bendis and his shit filler style of writing,Ugh, don't get me started I'm in a good fuckin mood, although a hooker and an oil cartridge may really spice up this Saturday, but you didn't come here to hear this shit, you came for updates,Blank Cover Commission Updates, my favorite kind, and these two babies...

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One of the hardest parts of running one Kickstarter after another is keeping up with commissions, especially when you continuously dream of trapping your artists in a dungeon until they kill their commission list,Sometimes clients get impatient, but thankfully we have built a team of art collectors who understand the game, but some artists aren't so lucky, case in point, my man The Master -- Jose Varese,Banking off the success of the Faro's Lounge Strip Poker Series that we started over a year ago, Jose took a commission at a show and over a year later, the person simply disappeared, never...

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The last wave of FARO'S LOUNGE NORTH CAROLINA RIVERDALE TRIBUTE SKETCHBOOKS have been mailed out, and we made room just in time for the MARYLAND MEGA CITY TRIBUTE SKETCHBOOK just finished and delivered from the Master Jose Varese,For those of you who want to see the MATURE VERSION -- the one with the BAZOOKAS & BINKY, well fuckface, guess you're gonna have to buy it,As for me, my friends, like I always tell you to believe in me and believe in my madness, I spent last night foaming it up at my old stomping ground of Deerfield Beach, where I...

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