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Happy Saturday my friends, I have finally set up a Twitch TV Channel and after booking my reservation to the opening of Galaxy's Edge the new Star Wars Theme Park in Walt Disney World, I decided it was only appropriate to do the Marvel Star Wars Comic Series as my first live STORYTIME @FARO'S LOUNGEI will always be bitter that the Marvel execs didn't bite when I pitched the Avengers Imperial Invasion storyline but fuck it, with Game of Thrones pissing everyone off and DC Comics still fluttering around in disarray, it's time to get back into the Galaxy Far,...

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The team is hard at work, grinding away at the pages and blank covers in an effort to bring you the reason why we get your fuckin money,Up above you will see a diddy for my man in the UK, A FARO'S LOUNGE FANTASTIC FOUR SPECIAL featuringSUE STORMBORNE of ASGARDELASTI GIRLMADUSAFIRESTAR,And yes my friends, this will be a featured poster on the next Kickstarter, as soon as she is finished of course,Down below you will see the latest from my man Hique in Brazil, the colors are almost polished up and it looks like SUPERGIRL SUPERCHOPPER will be not so far...

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Time, Time for some updates,All MARYLAND & VALENTINE'S BOOKS HAVE SHIPPED!!Still waiting on colors for ALABAMA,While you are waiting for the newest issue of Faro to be finished I will sending along the DIGITAL COPIES OF THE BACK ISSUES in the next update.I just sent a butload of cash to my team of stark raving starving artists,Savy Lim is now working on the interiors of FARO SUMMER 1867, I look forward to showing off the sketches as they arrive before shipping off to the colorist,Emil Cabaltierra has just received 50 fresh new FARO BLANK COVERS, so he is now onto...

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Only 3% remains on this Kickstarter my friends,And in an effort to boost up my audience - aka - begging and whoring myself around town and cyberspace to get my little comic book finished,Anyway, I was jumping around Twitch TV last night, eagerly looking for a Robin to my Batman, and I found the sweetest little thing, She had pop, she had personality, she had some fuckin attitude, but unfortunately, she also had a giant MORI stuck through her chest,She was playing DEAD by DAYLIGHT, and I laughed and laughed and boom boom boom, and idea popped in my head,So I...

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Only 6% remains on the latest Kickstarter, and Master Varese was kind enough to send over the color flats updates on the Kickstarter Exclusive Scooby Slave Leia Signed & Numbered Poster,Grab your copy on this campaign because once it's over the order goes in,But why not just give the update a gander and decide for yourself,Jose wanted to give it that Jabba-esque Color Scheme, and next up will be the final colors and some Jabba Jewelry to complete the poster,Grab your copy now :) -- Only 6% to go,https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hooligansco/faro-summer-1867-the-9-circles-of-hellCheers, FK

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