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Ok my friends, Master Varese was just at Faro's Lounge causing some artistic havoc that will soon be revealed as our next Anti-Valentine's Art Book,As for the theme, let's just say it involves Jessica Rabbit in a Black Widow Scarlet GI Joe Mashup Double Cover Yin Yang with Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes -- is that enough of a hint,I have ordered the FARO SUMMER 1867 Books and look forward to reporting in when they ship out to me,Til then, Jose has finished the Faro's American Safari SOUTH DAKOTA Cover -- featuring SHE-RA & SKELETOR on a GRAYSKULL CHOPPER,As I...

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Greetings my friends, I am writing this lovely letter after an agonizing weekend stacking and packing your lovely Arkansas and New Jersey Sketchbooks,I went with different formats for the interiors of these books, so I would love your feedback on them once they have arrived in your mailboxes,I am so unbelievably impressed with the FREDDY Cover, and I used the interiors to put together a rehash of the Faro Villians storyline, so again take a peak inside once your eyes have finished fantasizing about your ultimate Daphne & Velma Threeway,Personally I am more the Cavewoman type,Until your mail arrives, enjoy...

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Happy Tuesday fuckers, so happy to report that JERSEY & ARKANSAS have hit the trucks and are on their way to Faro's Lounge,I look forward to using hours upon hours of back breaking packaging and shipping to go grab some breakfast with this Filipino Stripper Goddess I spotted in Fort Laudy this weekend,It's nice to get out again :)So while I wait for it to rain sketchbooks I'm still waiting for Jose Varese to get over his flu so he can make his next appearance in the lounge,So while you wait check out the latest attempt I am making to...

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Happy Monday friends and stalkers, I had a wonderful weekend blowing off steam in the perfectly round behind of a Mexican stripper,Writer's life, on to updates,Jose Varese is coming up tonight to do some drawing, he had to postpone last night's appearance to the dual fact that he was feeling under the weather while still battling a cold, and I was slightly inebriated during the wild AFC Championship Game,Sometimes life gets in the way of art,So again, Jose will be up tonight and we shall be giving art updates and showing off the FINISHED FARO SUMMER 1867 MATURE COVER, before...

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Happy Monday my friends, the Bills have once again let me down, but I will not let you down, especially if your goal is to watch me and the master Jose Varese bust out a very sexy Wonder Woman galactic striptease commission,I actually got the upload right this time, so enjoy enjoy 45 minutes of blank paper to Amazonian Magic, and make sure to subscribe afterwards, I'm almost at 100 subscribers, the next step is a million :)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndoz3epwI04&t=20sAnd if you like that you will love the finished inks for last month's featured poster, THE MANDALORIAN'S CARA DUNE in the immortal...

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