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The last wave of FARO'S LOUNGE NORTH CAROLINA RIVERDALE TRIBUTE SKETCHBOOKS have been mailed out, and we made room just in time for the MARYLAND MEGA CITY TRIBUTE SKETCHBOOK just finished and delivered from the Master Jose Varese,For those of you who want to see the MATURE VERSION -- the one with the BAZOOKAS & BINKY, well fuckface, guess you're gonna have to buy it,As for me, my friends, like I always tell you to believe in me and believe in my madness, I spent last night foaming it up at my old stomping ground of Deerfield Beach, where I...

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As always, I give you further proof that the universe gifts and grifts those who choose to serve it straight rocker style,If you read last night's blog you will know I was in a shitty way, my main team is on vacation, and I had the kind of blues that hookers and cannabis didn't seem to be curing.I know I have to push the Kickstarter for FARO SUMMER 1867 back a month, and that drove me nuts because I want to make sure that whatever I have planned as a back up for the April campaign better be fuckin good, And...

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Tis another Monday, and I am about to get my ass back on the air to claim a piece of my old soul that I always wanted dead but could never truly go extinct,My mouth has always gotten me into trouble, often enough to make me always second guess myself and wonder if I should just accept that being a writer is a lonely existence,Before I had to accept God's punishment and blow a decade as a working class ass, I spent enough time observing young people and being shocked at how many of them didn't know their fathers, or...

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Happy Thursday folks, it's about 5 in  the morning and I'm about to settle in to watch some MLB Baseball live from Tokyo, and I fuckin swear if I oversleep one more time and forget to get my 1pm lineups in I am going to feed my phone to a wood chipper, God I hate fuckin Spring Training schedules,So anyway, the buyer of the SAVAGE SHE-HULK has vanished from relevance, so to any and all who want a piece of this Emerald Fox that Marvel intends to desexualize and eventually destroy, at least you know we will preserve her to her...

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Tis another Manic Monday, and I spent the last week kicking ass at Spring Training Fantasy Baseball and spent the weekend blowing it all on Tacos, Krathom Tea, Cannabis Pens and whatever else that brings us together to create the greatest fantasy art and stories this fucking business has been begging for,Funny thing is, I'm sitting here at the Lounge, trying to enjoy a tall pint of Black Cherry Fermented Goat's Milk and this idiot is trying to tell me he feels bad about my constant ambition to be a millionaire and that I should be more like him and...

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