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Happy Friday my friends, it's rainy as shit out and I went a whole two days without cannabis before I nearly chewed the wallpaper and assaulted some hefty skank and her body odor endured boyfriend to be,In these times of social distancing, I still like to go out to my local restaurants to enjoy some lobster tails and fountain Coke, which is always the best kind outside of the glass bottle,So I always bring along my notebook to the pub or bar or fish house or sushi place, wherever inspiration may strike,So last night I'm trying to rebuild my tolerance,...

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I woke up this morning with a giant smile on my face, as you see, my entire apartment has been taken up with South Dakota, Happy Harley Days, Michigan, Zeldara and more posters of boobs then a Russ Meyer film,So with no where to sleep I had to bunk up with a friend, who just so happened to be a tall tattooed stripper in Fort Lauderdale,The things I do for you mother fuckin readers, Writer's Life Baby,Ok, so now that Pooh Bear got some honey I have already sent out the first wave of packages and the rest will be going...

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It's another Faro Friday, and I'm happy to finally report THE DIRTY DISNEY ART BOOK HAS GONE TO PRINT!!!!Two weeks to me, and then another week to you,My graphic designer will be doing double duty on the New York and upcoming New Jersey Sketchbooks so I will be able to send them both out at the same time and get caught up,Update for FARO SUMMER 1867 & ZELDARA COMICS -- we are 20 of 32 pages FINISHED, so colorist Rob Epps is working on the FINISHED ZELDARA pages while Savy Lim gets the last 12 of Faro in the can,Hique...

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Happy Friday to all you freaks and art lovers,I have a new page and a new commission to show off, the first of course is the Black Widow Rabbit that has been SOLD,Then of course there is Page 18 from Faro Summer 1867 Issue and we can see Kung Fu Cyborg Master Wu and Domina Palms about to be unleashed on the Colorado Mountain Village of Sitting Bull,I would love to light some fuckin firecrackers under the nostrils of my artists sometimes, and for those of you still waiting on commissions, we thank you for your continued good taste and...

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Evening folks, if anyone has any good fantasy tips, please send them along this way, because that damn opening game kicked my ass back into the angry poor house,But ya'll know damn well that I will right back up on Sunday with my dick in my hand ready to lose more money on DraftKings,But until then, enjoy these gems from the commissions bank, of course both babies have been SOLD, but as always I'm always working on new Jessica Rabbit commissions, and I may have added two more to the till to any and all salivating for more Rabbit,1 --...

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