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Greetings on this rainy Tuesday in Florida, this shitty weather is raining Hell on my ability to maintain a solid summer fling while non stop 80s music blares behind as I prepare for another live stream on the old Twitch Channel.We have achieved double digit followers, onto the next goal, triple digits, and soon after that, I'm building my own castle of legos.After I post this I'll be jumping back into the Star Wars Comic Universe with issue #8, hope to see you there, you're done setting up your Twitch account to let me entertain you, check out the latest...

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The team is hard at work, grinding away at the pages and blank covers in an effort to bring you the reason why we get your fuckin money,Up above you will see a diddy for my man in the UK, A FARO'S LOUNGE FANTASTIC FOUR SPECIAL featuringSUE STORMBORNE of ASGARDELASTI GIRLMADUSAFIRESTAR,And yes my friends, this will be a featured poster on the next Kickstarter, as soon as she is finished of course,Down below you will see the latest from my man Hique in Brazil, the colors are almost polished up and it looks like SUPERGIRL SUPERCHOPPER will be not so far...

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It's Tuesday and we are standing steady at 84%,With Savage Zelda up top and Sue Storm slipping in on the bottom, this particular piece takes me back to a great place of reading comics when I was a kid,The WHAT IF? Series from Marvel was the shit, and now that the MCU has pretty much created a multiverse inside their own Cinematic World, in such a creative way that pretty much should be sending DC Executives leaping from their windows circa NYC 1929 due to their ineptitude to equal Marvel's dominance,But enough diatribe, let's get to the point,Going back to...

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Happy Sunday my fellow scoundrels,I am getting ready for the Game of Thrones Finale with Alcohol, Junk Food, Cannabis and if all goes, the simmering juices of a dark angel,Until then, enjoy both of these Sue Storm Commissions, the first one a tribute to her brief time as MALICE and the lower one a Fantastic Bondage Theme featuring SUE STORM & SHE HULK,For those of you game for Bondage and/or Dragon Themed Commissions of your own, the Gwen Dragon Sold yesterday, so I added a KARA STARR-BORNE featuring POWER GIRL as THE KHALESSI,I then order a piece I can only...

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When you wish upon a witch,Don't be shocked if she's a bitch,Hee Hee, it's only a few hours away from Avengers Endgame, and I already broke and read the spoilers on stupid fuckin Wikipedia (Damn you Julian Assange)Of course that only makes me want to see it more, and I've got a lovely lady ready to join me and I've got new art coming in and brand Faro Kickstarter for the next chapter in our time travel saga on the horizon for May 1st and just mother fucker life is getting better as we get past tax time and into...

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