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Spent the entire day packing and stuffing envelopes and toploaders, so I look forward to y'all getting these babies in time for the holidays,Tonight is the Thursday Night Football Finale so I will make this short and stout like a Sam Adams Seasonal BrewI just got these pencil sketch updates in from my man HIQUE out in lovely Brazil,The JOKER CHOPPER piece will be the featured poster for this OHIO SKETCHBOOK campaign,And if you were inquiring, the original art is up for grabs for both these babies, check out the Kickstarter and let's make a deal,Excelsior,  

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These new Facebook policies about posting pics and ads that go to a site even with bars over boobs being rejected is enough to make me want to shit a Miata,But true hustler doesn't necessarily break the rules, he works around them,Happy to report the Arizona Sketchbooks have been shipped from the printer, so they shall be arriving at my doorstep by next Wed and off to your humble abodes within another week of that. Santa Claus is coming, some bring a blanket and some baby oil.Until that fateful rendezvous, here's two more icons lapping it up in a Cavewoman...

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The 1st wave of packages just hit the mail trucks, and more envelopes, flash mailers and poly bags are on the way for the second wave to head off to their new homes, yours, Thanks again for all of your support, generosity and patience as we close up one of the best and worst years of my life.A time to say goodbye to best friends and a time to not only obtain the bricks to build this empire, but to lay them out patiently and precisely so as to not just make a splash in  the industry, but bloody well...

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