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Happy Friday my friends, it's rainy as shit out and I went a whole two days without cannabis before I nearly chewed the wallpaper and assaulted some hefty skank and her body odor endured boyfriend to be,In these times of social distancing, I still like to go out to my local restaurants to enjoy some lobster tails and fountain Coke, which is always the best kind outside of the glass bottle,So I always bring along my notebook to the pub or bar or fish house or sushi place, wherever inspiration may strike,So last night I'm trying to rebuild my tolerance,...

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Happy Hump Day my friends,98% if IOWA Books have shipped, so there will be Sue Storms raging across the country and globe as we speak,As for the other 2%, go fuck yourselves, haha, JK, I'm just waiting on the arrival of more toploaders,Hard to believe I went through 2000 toploaders that damn quick, this business is certainly growing due to your continued generosity and good taste,So a couple of updates,MASSACHUSETTS will be slightly delayed due to my man Hique just getting back into the studio following his quarantine in Brazil,He was obviously still doped up on cold meds and Amazon...

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Happy Tuesday my friend, there a boring debate on my TV and I got my ass handed to me today on Draftkings, literally putting back all the money I won by placing first fucking place yesterday,Ahh, it's like a seesaw, with my nuts on both sides of the pans,So anyway, the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival was in full effect this last weekend and I had a bird's eye view of all the action from living in the center of it all,Someone did a monstrous mural of Kobe Bryant, which will remain directly outside my window until the sands of...

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Happy President's Day Eve, if that's a thing,First up, after a wonderful night sapping up the local flavor here in the Lake Worth Arts District, I remembered how much I love good Fantastic Four Alt Fiction, especially in #21 when I imagined Sue Storm taking over Subterreania as the new MOLE QUEEN,Can't wait to dig into some FF Archives during the next Comics & Cannabis Stream, as always I need your subscriptions here, as I head towards 1,000 subscribers to match 1,000 Shopify Sales, on to new business, check out the latest update to the Anti Valentine's Covers,This White Heart...

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Updates for all, The New York Sketchbooks arrive from the printer this evening, and I will be spending the weekend packing and shipping to get all the books out in full on Sat & Mon morning,Arkansas Cover is finished, just putting together the interiors,New Jersey Covers will be available either tonight or tomorrow, depends on when I shake down poor overworked Sanju,Faro Summer 1867 is only 4 pages from being done, God Help Us,Zeldara has 16 pages left to color, what a delightful romp its been,Pixi Runner Script is finished, just waiting to see who I will be selecting for...

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